I am a 20 something (25 to be precise) girl, trying hard to navigate adult life. I’ve recently graduated from my master degree in Marketing and started my first “real” job.

Ma’ stats:

  • 25
  • doggy mama
  • in a serious <3
  • expat
  • world traveller
  • ambitious af

What do I love?

  • my family
  • my fiancee and little doggy
  • travel

What do I obsess about?

  • handbags!
  • fashion and beauty
  • personal development
  • personal fiance
  • interior design
  • healthy eating

What will this blog be about? Frankly, I have no clue yet. I will write about being a young girl just starting her career, how to navigate your career, what bags I’ve been lusting for and where is the best place to re-charge your batteries after all that work, work, work, work (did ya’ sign it, did ya’?). And possibly many other things.


So, if anything you read seems fun or interesting to you I’d love to have you as a reader.