How to buy pre-owned designer bags for less

December 20, 2016



It is no secret that designer bags are expensive, in fact many would argue that’s part of the reason they are so lusted after. However, you don’t have to break the bank to afford that Chanel bag. I love looking online for a good deal especially for brands like Louis Vuitton or Chanel bags that notoriously never go on sale.

One of the main concerns for buying second hand luxury bags or accessory is the authenticity of the item. We’ve all heard horror stories of fake bags being sold on eBay for thousands, and that is a scary though! I will give you some tips on how to score an authentic bag for less and then I’ll share the main shops or eBay sellers to watch!

TIPS for buying authentic designer bags online:

  1. make your research on the bag. If for instance you want to buy a Chanel Classic Flap, research what are the signs of authenticity. You can still be fooled by superfakes, but at least you’ll have an idea on what to look for.
  2. research the website or seller that has your dream bag. A simple Google search will do, if there’s any major red flags they will usually come up. Example of searches could be : “examplesite fakes “
  3. make sure you know the retail price. I have seen it many times when sellers list a handbag for the same amount as in the store or even higher. If you’re willing to pay more for an “unicorn” bag or one that has been discontinued that’s completely fine. However, I was really surprised when I saw some Gucci bags that were available on their website selling for more on the pre-loved market.
  4. if the first three steps did not raise any red flags, it’s now time to authenticate the bag. To do that you could for instance use the lovely purseforum and ask in a relevant thread to have your bag authenticated. Other options could be : Etinceler Authentications or Authenticate First for which you will need to pay a small fee.


Some of the websites / eBay sellers that I keep my eye on:

Please notice I haven’t tried them all, and even if I did, I would strongly recommend to make sure the purse you’re buying is authentic by following the previous steps.


Ebay Sellers:


There are obviously more websites and sellers out there that sell authentic designer items, but these are just the ones I follow. Don’t forget to make your research when buying a luxury piece and don’t forget to factor in VAT if you’re buying from abroad, as that can make a huge difference in the price.

Do you have any tips on scoring a good deal? I’d love to know!




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