My Wishlist – Wedding Designer Shoes

December 8, 2016

Wedding planning is hard. Like really hard and really stressful as well. There’s a million decisions to be made, all of them difficult since most of us have no experience with organizing a wedding.

So, in the mist of my wedding planning, I decided to concentrate on something I have experience with, and that is shoes! ūüôā

I did wonder if I want a pair of designer or non designer shoes for our¬†special day. In the end I think I’ll go with designer because I¬†want to keep them as a memory, so I want shoes that last me (close to) forever. My top tips for choosing the perfect wedding shoes are:

  • choose a heel height that is comfortable to you. For me it’s probably going to be 85mm
  • choose something with straps that can secure your foot in. My train of thoughts with this is that I’m¬†going to run around the whole day/night and my¬†feet are probably going to be sweaty (ew?), so I need as much support as possible.
  • don’t choose pure white. White shoes many times scream “bridal” so you’re probably not going to find as many occasions to wear them. I plan to go for nude, silver/gold or bold (pink or blue) shoes, that I can wear time and time again.

So now that you know my criteria, here are some of the contenders:

Jimmy Choo -Ivette Sandals

Price:¬†‚ā¨650, get them here¬†or here

These are just gorgeous, and they fit my requirement to have a million straps for my feet to be secured in. I am in love with these!


Manolo Blahnik – Hangisi Jewel Pump

Price: ‚ā¨ 970, get them here

If you watched and loved SATC, then you know why these iconic shoes are on my list. I also love this color and it could double as my “something blue”.


Valentino Rockstud leather pumps

Price: ‚ā¨730, get them here¬†or here

I love how the Rockstuds have become such a classic shoe! I think it could be a perfect option as a wedding shoe and they are supposed to be super comfortable! Definitely a high contender on my list!




Stuart Weitzman –¬†Nudistsong patent leather sandals

Price ‚ā¨ 425, get them here

I adore how simple these sandals are! I also love the dainty ankle strap and the price :). My only concern with these (for the wedding day) is that my toes will slip with constant walking/dancing/moving around.



Dolce and Gabbana ¬†–¬†Keira embellished satin sandals

Price: ‚ā¨795, get them here
How amazing are these shoes? The satin and the gorgeous embellishments makes them the perfect bridal shoe. One of my worries though, is that they look a bit too bridal for my taste, so I might have difficulties wearing them afterwards.
What do you think, any favorites? If you know of any other designer shoes that I might like for my wedding, please let me know!

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