Luxury Christmas Presents under $500 (that are timeless and you can wear forever)

December 7, 2016


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Christmas is almost here!! AAARHHH, could this be? As generic and cliché as it might sound, 2016 has flown by and now there are only s few weeks left until Christmas.

For Christmas or my birthday I like to ask for things that I love, that will last me a lifetime and that are somewhat affordable for a luxury good. So, if you lack inspiration on what to ask for Christmas or if you want to treat yo’ self with a designer piece, look no further.

Here is the fabulous list of 2016 Luxury Gifts Ideas that cost under €500: 

  • YSL Card Holder

Price: 175 Euros, get it here

I love chevron, I love dainty little cardholders that you can fit in any bag and I love the fab gold logo. Do you feel the love? 🙂


  • Prada Saffiano Wallet

Price 450 Euros, get it here

If you’re not really a card holder lady, have a look at this gorgeous Prada wallet. It’s compact, made out of the super durable saffiano leather and it’s just under €500.

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  • Gucci Belt

Price: 350 Euros, get it here

Gucci is just everything right now. As a marketing girl, I bow down to them! 🙂 This lovely belt is a great way to buy into the brand and have a piece of the brand.

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 8.47.16 PM.png


  • Gucci Flats

Price: Euros 495, get it here or here

Sticking to the Gucci theme, here are some amazing, classic ballerina flats that you know you can have in your wardrobe (shoe cabinet?) forever? The price is great, the quality is amazing and they are classic looking without being boring .

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 8.49.35 PM.png


  • Mulberry Mini Lily

Price: Euros 450, get it here

The Mulberry Lily is starting to be seen as a classic Mulberry bag. This incredibly cute bag comes in a ton of colors and the price is acceptable for a luxury bag. Beware, the bag is TINY and depending on your phone, you might have difficulties fitting it in.

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 8.51.39 PM.png


  • Burberry Classic Scarf

Price: Euros 395, get it here

This, in my opinion is the perfect luxury gift for Christmas. It’s an extremely classic piece that will never go out of style and that you can take out each winter and enjoy it. Burberry also offers monograming their scarfs for an extra nice touch.



  • Bottega Veneta – Intrecciato leather gloves

Price: Euros 320, get it here

Continuing with the wintery theme, a pair of gloves are also an extremely nice gift for your loved one. A brand that I really love for being extremely good quality but very understated is Bottega Veneta. These leather gloves will make anyone feel special!



  • Christian Louboutin – Pigalle Patent Pumps

Price Euros 515, get them here

Ok, so I am going to cheat a bit. This next gift idea is technically not under €500, however it only exceeds it with €15, so I feel like it’s acceptable.  These pumps literally need no explanation. They are gorgeously classic, they feature an amazing red sole and would look great with any party attire. If you can walk in them..that is ! 🙂



  • Isabel Marant – Étoile Dicker suede ankle boots

Price: Euros: 385, get them here or here

Lastly, I want to show some love for these super versatile Isabel Marant ankle boots. I feel like these are perfect for almost all seasons, they go well with jeans and skirts and are a classic shoe. The price is still surprisingly affordable, but I feel like these might go up in price as their popularity grows.


Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 9.15.57 PM.png


What do you feel about my choices? Any gifts you’d love to receive or buy yourself this Christmas?


I’d love to know!




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