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Is a Chanel classic flap bag still a good investment?

December 7, 2016



A Chanel Classic flap seems to be on every bag lover’s “holy grail bags” list. I am just as mesmerized by this classic beauty, and the Medium (M/L) Classic Flap in GHW and caviar leather has been on my wish list for years.

As beautiful as this bag is, it’s also pricey (understatement?) and it seems to increase in price every year or every couple of months, if you take the UK’s example. As a branding professional I think their strategy to continually increase their prices by as much as they do is genius. As a consumer, though, I am annoyed. I am annoyed that I still lust over this pretty piece of leather with a beautiful CC logo.

My Dream Bag: the Chanel Classic Flap M/L with Gold Hardware

One way to rationalize paying €4260 / $4900 for a small purse is to think of it as an investment. Surely, if the prices increase by 10-15% each year, then I can maybe sell the bag in a few years and get my money back or even make some profit.

But is a Chanel flap still a good investment? The question, in my mind depends on three things:

  1. Will the prices still increase at this rate? Do you think it’s feasible that a medium flap will cost €9000 in a few years?
  2. What about the quality? While Chanel is a symbol for good quality, lately there has been many reports of quality issues, like hardware chipping, quilting mis-alignment or scuffed leather. These are things that you might overlook in a cheaper bag, but not one that costs thousands
  3. Will the demand stay the same or increase? As with everything you have to take demand into consideration. If people fell out of love with Chanel and the demand will drastically fall, then there won’t be much of a resell market.

What do you think about it? Do you think Chanel is still an absolute good investment and it will soon reach Hermès price territory? Or are you maybe a bit fearful that the Chanel-craze will die and this gorgeous bag will not be worth much in the future?


I’d love to hear your opinions! 🙂




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